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Sun | 700 nano Textile Printer®


Printing width: 71" (1,8m) 

Reliable and speedy wide-format Textile printer for high-quality printing on wide range of Fabric /Textile substrates.









  • Textile roll and auto feeding system  for direct printing on most fabrics / textiles.

  • Ink Feeding Supply System (IFSS) for unattended continuous printing.

  • Can be added a large ink station system to run multiples printers simultaneously.

  • Ink collection system, reduce waste and ink cost for about 98%.

  • Built-In heating system for fast and ready printing on different fabric / textile substrates.

  • Auto cleaning and parking system for improved and constant print quality.

  • Unique design ensures continuous quality printing, smooth media feeding and guarantee constant roll tension.

  • Speed: Up to 220 sm2/h ( 8 print heads system) and up to 110 sm2/h ( 4 print heads system).

  • HS electronics ensures speedy and stable printer operation.

  • The Sun | 700 nano Textile Printer is designed for direct printing on most fabric / textiles like: cotton, polyester, synthetic materials, wool, nylon, silk and many other fabric / textiles.

  • Unmatched detailed print quality ensures by SunJet print heads

  • Environmentally friendly technology - no ozone emissions! Printed images are totally 'green' and can be used everywhere, even at home without any apprehension.

  • Better Color gamut: Standard: CMYK nano Textile Inks®. Option of custom colors available.

  • Print Heads: Ricoh GEN 5 with variable dot and Gray Scale from 7 to 35 PL.

  • Resolution: 360x720 dpi x (600 / 1200 / 2400 dpi)

  • Operating temperature: 37oC (Unique)

  • RIP: Wasatch SoftRip TX.


  • Electricity:  380 VAC, 50Hz, 7.5A

  • Environment requirements Temperature range: 68 - 77 F (20-25C)

  • Relative air humidity: 35-65%

  • Printer Dimensions:  Length: 12.5' (3800mm) Width:  2.5' (762mm) Height: 5' (1524mm)

  • Printer weight Approximately: 3,215 lbs. (1,200  kg). 












Sun | 700 nano Textile Printer®


Individual Negative Control System

Provides Single color control on

various colors.

Ink Feeding Supply System (IFSS)

Easy to change, 3.7 L system allows

for stable and continuous ink supplying.

Textile Rolling & Auto Feeding System

Flexible for direct printing on most

Fabric / Textile substrates.


Ricoh GEN 5 Print Heads

360 x 720 dpi x 600/1200/2400 dpi Resolution

Variable dot 7-35 PL / Grey Scale

1280 nozzles, integrated heater.


Ink Collection System

Greatly reduces the waste and cost

and utilization of inks about 98%.

Reduce pollution to the environment.


SunJet 700 nano Textile Printer®

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