Sun | 235 nano UV-LED Printer®

Printing width: 23.2" (590mm) x Lenght 27.6" (700mm)

Material thickness: up to 4" (10cm).

Reliable and speedy wide-format UV-LED printer for high-quality printing on widerange of substrates.





























































Sun 3D Corporation®, Sun 235 |  nano UV-LED Printer®  combines award-winning print technology with a new, faster, stronger and power adjustable LED curing system. With new, more powerful LED curing system we can control different curing power and generates minimal heat. Because of this incredible technology,  Sun 235 |  nano UV-LED Printer® can print directly onto PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, wood, leathers, paper and other soft materials.


The Sun 235 |  nano UV-LED Printer® has seven automatic modes available, allowing users to instantly choose the proper settings for their most popular/important applications which dramatically increases the printer’s productivity and overall performance, reducing operator time spent to set up.


The Sun 235 |  nano UV-LED Printer® prints directly on any substrate or material, measuring up to 18,5 inches in length, 13 inches in width and 8 inches in height.


The Sun 235 |  nano UV-LED Printer® has a built-in laser pointer that allows for easy setup with auto adjustable distance mode designed for flawless printing around the surface of curved objects where the variance in distance is 2 mm or less. Advanced Sun 3D print head technology ensures photo quality output up to 1440×5760 dpi.


The Sun 235 |  nano UV-LED Printer® features Sun 3D Corporation® UV LED Technology®, nano UV Inks® and UV LED Printing® with UV inkjet printers®. Our nano UV Inks® comes in CMYK, white and varnish for exceptional color gamut, bright, saturated white images and text, and premium varnishing and embossing effects.


Varnish or Gloss Sun 3D Corporation® nano UV Ink® simulates varnishing and embossing effects, or can be layered into interesting patterns and textures in both gloss and matte finishes.

Sun | 235 nano UV-LED Printer®

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