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Sun | 200 nano UV-LED Printer®

Printing width: 23.2" (590mm) x Lenght 27.6" (700mm)

Material thickness: up to 4" (10cm).

Reliable and speedy wide-format UV-LED printer for high-quality printing on widerange of substrates.



















































Constantly striving for innovations Sun 3D Corporation® is engaged in development of UV printing equipment and has mastered the technology of UV LED Technology®, nano UV Inks® and UV LED Printing® with UV inkjet printers®.


The Sun | 200 nano UV-LED Printer® is very cost effective UV-LED digital printing system with an intelligent laser beam print head protection. The standard Sun | 200 nano UV-LED Printer® model includes CMYK + WWWW Colors (Optional – Gloss CMYK + WWVV).


Sun 3D Corporation® nano UV white ink creates a very dense image, allowing users to print on any colored substrate and produce amazing, bright colors with white under base, while nano UV Gloss ink gives glossy or multi-coat effect to the surfaces of any printed object.


Sun | 200 UV-LED Printer® offer printing application on any substrate or material up to 4" (10cm) thickness high, with outstanding reproduction quality of up to 2880dpi.


With the Sun | 200 UV-LED Printer® you can reproduce even the finest image details, crisp text and vibrant, full-color images with outstanding durability on a variety of substrates and producing 3D printing raised images, from wood to ceramic tiles and plastics and many more substrates.

Sun | 200 nano UV-LED Printer®

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