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nano UV Primers®

Our nano UV Primers® and adhesion promoters are optically clear primers ideal for multiple uses where strong ink bonds are required. Our nano UV Primers® and promoters substantially improve our nano UV inks® adhesion to a multitude of surfaces and enhance color density as well as clarity of the printed color on the substrate.


We offer three types of nano UV Primers® and adhesion promoters; We enhance the adhesion on this type of surfaces:


1) nano UV Primers® for Glass, Metal & Tile.

2) nano UV Primers® for Plastics and Acrylic

3) nano UV Primers® for Rubber Substrates.


nano UV Primers® high performance adhesion promoters are formulated with specific chemical properties to enable our UV LED Technology® and our nano UV inks® to obtain superior adherence on common problematic substrates improving the printability of the nano UV inks® on these difficult materials.


Developed from Sun 3D Corporation detailed history and understanding of decorating on rigid and non-rigid materials, our nano UV Primers® and adhesion promoters create a superior chemical bond between digital nano UV inks® and the substrate surface. The use of Sun 3D Corporation series promoters will modify the surface chemistry of the substrate and as a result the potential print quality may be further enhanced. Sun 3D Corporation series nano UV Primers® and adhesion promoters are available in 1-liter bottles.





  • Improves performance properties of nano UV inks® on surfaces that are notorious for adhesion problems.

  • Superior rub and scratch resistance of ink on the substrate

  • Provides a great bond for nano UV inks®

  • Easy application, quick drying

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