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Sun 3D Technology® | UV-LED Printers®

Sun nano UV-LED Printers® for High Technological digital printing 



Florida, USA Company Sun 3D Corporation has developed an innovative digital UV printing system that surpasses others in use across the globe today. The system owes its advantages largely to nanotechnology applications: the use of nanosized pigments and additives to the nano UV inks® and ultrabright UV LEDs with our exclusive UV-LED Technology® based on gallium nitride heterostructures in the printers.


Our nano UV-LED printers® can apply images not only to advertising and printing products, as traditional printers can, but also to furniture, tile, glass, ceramic tiles, metals, leather, acrylic, vynil, canvas, wood, plastic, appliances and electronics, stretch ceilings, panels, and other surfaces. Sun 3D corporation nano UV-LED printers® combine high productivity with low operational costs, which significantly reduces the cost of the printed product. nano UV ink® in combination with our award winning nano UV-LED printers® offers a broad range of color, high resistance to light, exact color reproduction, and long shelf life—important for UV curable inks.

The nano UV-curable Inks are for any customized products like wall-paper, furniture, ceiling and wall panels, tile, stained-glass windows and also POP displays, billboard applications, outdoor signage, “street furniture”, durable graphics. Inks are formulated for maximum adhesion and compatibility with an extensive range of coated and uncoated substrates: PVC, plastic, wood, glass, stained glass, mirror, metal, banner etc.



Areas of application

  • Advertising and design

  • Printing

  • Gift and Souvenirs

  • High end Photography

  • Architectures

  • Construction

  • Interior design and decoration

  • Furniture Manufactoring



Competitive advantages

  • Sun 3D Technology® | Over 13 years of innovations, introducing the newst and most advance Sun 3D printing technology to date. Sun 3D corporation continuos to bring the best technology to market with the launched of the Sun 645 UV-LED printer that virtually can print not only roll to roll but also flat materias with an impresive consistent color printing and can also print with 3D embosed ink layers for a unique technique. 

  • nano UV inks®: We can print and adhere our nano UV Inks® to almost any substrate imaginalble

  • UV-LED Technology®: greater durability than convetional printing

  • UV-LED printers®: safer to operate, more durable, consume less power, no VOC's

  • nano UV Inks®: Contain 5% silver nitrate for antimicrobial purposes.



Embossing Effect & Special Printing Capabilities

  • Direct printing on substrates of up to 7.9" (20 cm) thickness.

  • Unique carriage raising system ensures direct printing on media.

  • Embossing effect with multi-layered print technology














Sun 3D Corporation® | UV-LED Printers® | Nano UV Inks® | Sun 3D Technology® | UV Inkjet Printers® | UV Wide Format Printers®
Sun 3D Corporation® | UV-LED Printers® | Nano UV Inks® | Sun 3D Technology® | UV Inkjet Printers® | UV Wide Format Printers®

Sun | 645 UV-LED printer

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